Google Adwords Extensions

There has been some big changes in Adwords over the past few months and there are more to come.

You can read about these changes on the specialist Google Adwords website

Canny Adwords campaign managers have been able to get double the exposure of their competitors by using the 'Ad Extensions' tab. This gives you access to the large number of extensions:

What those extensions enable you to do is to get free additional displays in your advert - see screenshot below that illustrates the difference.

You can easily see how I have got one or two extra lines for my client Team Leasing, compared to the adverts of their competitors. And below is one for another of my clients Shore Driving School, that uses location extensions and call extensions.

Below are the screenshots for the main sitelinks extensions displayed in the Team Leasing advert above.

So, using those site extensions will give you a lot more space for the same advert cost - a great 'freebie'.

Google Adwords have introduced a double length top line for adverts giving advertisers much more room to describe their product/service and to add more detailed strong calls to action. There is also a longer description.

If all of the above looks too hard or will take up too much of your time - give me a call on 0274 777753 and I will set it up for you.

Or ask a question using the comments box below and I will post a reply.